The 2023 Perfect Daily Grind holiday gift guide


Before we know it, the holiday season will be here once again. So it’s time to start looking for the perfect gift for the coffee professional or enthusiast in our lives.

To make the process a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list to suit a range of budgets and interests.

Read on for the 2023 Perfect Daily Grind holiday gift guide!

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Huskee Renew cupsHuskee Renew cups

Stocking fillers

Most often, the smallest gifts can be the most thoughtful and appreciated. Take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Try a new roaster

Prices vary

Gifting someone a bag of coffee is always a great go-to option. And trying a new roaster is one of the best ways for them to experience new origins, varieties, and processing methods.

For European customers, TAF is a roaster based in Athens, Greece. It offers a range of different coffees, including single estate beans, competition blends, and exclusive Taloumis Family Limited Reserve lots.

One of TAF’s gift options is the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve Exotic Varieties range, which includes coffees from award-winning and pioneering farms from around the world.

Coffee plant puzzle

From USD 19.40; EUR 18,00; GBP 15.42

For something a little different – but still very much coffee related – this 1,000-piece jigsaw coffee plant puzzle from Tens Hundreds Thousands is a unique gift idea.

Designed by water colour artist Victorinus “Terra” Bahtra, the jigsaw makes for a striking lifelike image of a coffee plant, including cherries and flowers.

Huskee reusable coffee cup

From USD 25.17; EUR 23.35; GBP 20

Huskee manufactures reusable cups from coffee husk – the thin layer that surrounds the beans. However, the certified B Corp recently launched its HuskeeRenew range, with all products made from 50% post-consumer recycled material.

The range includes cups and saucers, and are available as single items or in four-packs.

Orea V3 MK2 brewer

From USD 37.75; EUR 35.02; GBP 29.99

A new pour over brewer is always a safe option for a coffee professional or enthusiast, allowing them to experiment with different recipes and techniques.

The Orea V3 MK2 is one of the latest and most talked about manual brewers on the market. With its uniquely designed base, the V3 MK2 allows for a more consistent flow rate – even with finer grind settings.

How to make the best coffee at home book

From USD 21.38; EUR 19.84; GBP 16.99

James Hoffmann’s latest book teaches industry professionals and coffee lovers alike how to create repeatable brewing recipes – for both filter and espresso – at home.

As well as exploring how to make better-tasting coffee, Hoffmann’s book covers a range of topics, from understanding water and extraction levels to how to get the best results from your grinder.

The AeroPress Clear next to a brewed cup of coffee.The AeroPress Clear next to a brewed cup of coffee.

Under the tree

At a slightly higher price point, these gifts are a great way to surprise a loved one.

Green coffee for a roaster

Prices may vary

Gifting green coffee can be an excellent choice for the roaster in your life – and there are many options to choose from. Balzac Brothers has been supplying green coffee since 1917 green coffee, and sources coffee from many different origin countries, including Papua New Guinea.

Caravela Coffee is a specialty coffee trader and supplies coffee to roasters in Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US. Every year, Caravela helps to train 2,000 producers through its PECA programme.

Mercon Specialty first launched in 2019, and offers a Small Box Program for roasters of all sizes. All boxes are 20lbs and come fully sealed with free shipping.

Family-owned and operated Royal Coffee sell 22lb Crown Jewel green coffee boxes. Each one comes with a five-part analysis discussing the producer’s story, general information about the green coffee, roast and brew profiles across multiple roasters and brewers, and cupping notes from the Royal team.

Ally Open coffee courses

Start at USD 195; EUR 180.91; GBP 154.95

Ally Open is an initiative launched by specialty coffee supplier Ally Coffee to provide specifically-selected green coffee lots to roasters, as well as offering a number of online courses.

The Essential Coffee Roasting Course features industry expert and consultant Rob Hoos, and is a self-paced online programme designed for professional roasters looking to develop their skills.

PRF Guatemala ticket

Start at USD 106.74; EUR 99.07; GBP 84.84

PRF will return to Guatemala on 7 and 8 March 2024 at the Anacafé venue in Guatemala City. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the two-day forum, which will include lectures and workshops, as well as pioneering competitions.

Tickets are available now, including for the Sourcing Trip Experience.

Baratza Encore ESP

From USD 199.95; EUR 185.61; GBP 158.96

Baratza manufactures some of the world’s most popular home coffee grinders. Recently, it has revamped its iconic Encore grinder for espresso, too.

As well as being able to grind fine enough for espresso, the Encore ESP also includes a dosing cup, and is available in black or white.

AeroPress Clear and XL

From USD 69.16; EUR 64.20; GBP 54.99

The AeroPress is one of the most beloved coffee brewers in the industry. This year, the company launched its all-new AeroPress Clear and the first-ever AeroPress XL, which comes with its own carafe.
The new AeroPress organiser stand also makes a great gift, and is compatible with the original, Clear, and XL brewers.

Using a Flair 58 Plus manual espresso machineUsing a Flair 58 Plus manual espresso machine


If you have a bigger budget for someone special in your life, here are a few gift ideas which have slightly higher price tags.

Flair 58 and 58 Plus

From USD 580; EUR 538.46; GBP 461.09

Manual espresso machines are a great opportunity for home baristas to truly experiment with dialling in – and Flair Espresso has several options.

The Flair 58 includes a 58mm portafilter, Preheat Temperature Controller, and a new valve plunger and a puck screen. The Flair 58 Plus, meanwhile, also includes an articulating shot mirror to ensure more even extraction.

Dalla Corte Studio

From USD 4,614.46; EUR 4,285.90; GBP 3,670

Dalla Corte’s latest single-group espresso machine is designed to fit anywhere. With its small compact size, the multi-boiler machine allows the user to control a number of variables, including temperature and extraction time.

The Studio is also available in eight customisable colours to suit a range of preferences.

Rancilio Silvia

From USD 1,710.78; EUR 1,588.71; GBP 1,360

The Silvia Pro X is a single-group, dual-boiler home espresso machine which includes a number of unique features, such as thermal stability and soft infusion technologies.

Rancilio’s latest home espresso machine is available in four colours: stainless steel, black, white, and pink.


From USD 6,162.57; EUR 5,722.69; GBP 4,899

The dual-boiler Faemina home espresso machine can be used to extract both espresso and filter coffee, and also includes a manual and automatic steam wand to create high-quality microfoam.

The machine can also be connected to Faema’s app, which allows the user to remotely set different extraction parameters at any time.

Marco Ottomatic® 2.0

From USD 322.45; EUR 312.51; GBP 270

The Marco Ottomatic® 2.0 is a fully automated pour over coffee machine, designed to be used with the Chemex.

Marco’s automatic brewer includes pulse-brewing technology to ensure even extraction, and even features an iced coffee mode.

Baby Hardtank

From USD 4,524.43 ; EUR 4,200; GBP 3,595.41

The Baby Hardtank is a quick and efficient cold brew solution, and even won the 2021 SCA Best New Product award. 

Hardtank’s countertop machine can prepare up to four litres of cold brew tea or coffee in less than one hour, and can be controlled using a touchscreen or app.

Marco OttomaticMarco Ottomatic

Giving gifts can go a long way during the holiday season – no matter how small. We hope our 2023 coffee gift guide gives you a few unique or exciting ideas for a coffee enthusiast or professional in your life.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Perfect Daily Grind!

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